Members’ Area

Members’ login area information.

Photo: Elliott Franks

Current members who are registered in the Members’ Area can login using the link below.

The Members’ Area gives you access to exclusive member content including our Special Features. You can also update your correspondence details to receive all the Academy’s updates and important communications. In addition, members receive their digital benefits (Dance Gazette publications and Membership Card) sent directly to their email address. RAD Registered Teachers can also declare their CPD online and update their information on RAD’s Find a Teacher directory and map in the Members’ Area.

New members will need to register for the Members’ Area before you can login. You will receive an email providing you with your individual registration link and instructions to register. You will need to select a username and password. Once you are registered, you can access the Members’ Area using the login link below. New members will receive a digital Membership Card that will include your RAD ID.

If you are experiencing problems logging in or registering, please email

Members' Login