Register of Teachers

Our mission is to inspire the world to dance, and to help achieve this, we’ve developed a global register of RAD teachers as a great resource to help you locate a professional dance teacher.

You can search to find out whether a dance teacher is registered with us – only those who meet our professional standards and training requirements are RAD registered. Find out more:

If you can’t find what you are looking for, please read our Frequently Asked Questions.

If you are looking for an over-50s class, visit our Silver Swans map.

How to use the register

The register is quick and easy to reference, with two types of listing: standard, containing name and country, and enhanced, providing dance school(s) information. Teachers with a standard listing can only be located by searching with the ‘Country’ and ‘Teacher or School’ fields. For Teachers with an enhanced listing, you will also be able to filter by ‘Location’.

Sample Searches

  • Standard listing – Location [blank] Country [United Kingdom] Search by teacher or school [Penny Cotton]
  • Enhanced listing – Location [London] Country [United Kingdom] Search by teacher or school [Felicity Beach]

The register updates every 6 hours at 06:01, 12:01, 18:01 and 24:00 UK time. Please allow at least 30 minutes post these update times to see changes reflected.


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