8 July 2023 10:00am - 5:30pm CDT

Creative Approaches in Teaching Character Work

This practice-based workshop explores the styles, techniques and movement vocabularies (steps) found in the Russian, Hungarian, and Ukrainian character dances as presented in RAD Grades 1 – 4 syllabi. Through creating training exercises, choreographing free enchaînements, and discussing ideas with others, participants will gain a greater appreciation of the different artistic and technical aspects of each character style. Through practice-based tasks, participants will become more confident in choreographing character work settings which are technically and stylistically sound as well as inspiring and enjoyable for students. These workshops are essential for all levels of teachers, but in particular for early career (recent graduate) teachers and dance teachers who would like to refresh and extent their knowledge, understanding and skills in teaching character work.


  • To explore and develop teaching strategies in the teaching of Character work across Royal Academy of Dance Grades 1 – 4 syllabi
  • To increase and consolidate knowledge and understanding of the required stylistic and technical expectations of the Russian, Ukrainian, and Hungarian and Character styles

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the workshop you will:

  • Have increased confidence creating informed and inspiring training exercises and enchaînements to develop Character work
  • Have the knowledge, understanding and performance skills which demonstrate the required technical and performance expectations of different Character styles
  • Have a greater understanding of how character dance can be taught in an interactive, accessible and inclusive manner
  • Have greater knowledge and understanding of how Character work can both support and develop the ballet technique, performance and artistry


Chicago, IL or Online via Zoom*

*A recording of the course will not be available.

CPD Hours

8 hours Time-Valued CPD


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