RAD USA Dance Challenge 2020

The RAD USA Dance Challenge 2020 was held January 18 & 19 at California State University, Long Beach. The multi-level competition is held annually and is open to students in Grades 4 – Advanced 2 who are studying under the direction of an RAD Registered Teacher.

A complete list of the 2020 winners can be found below.

Photo: LGD Photography

Congratulations to the following winners:

Grand Prize
Levels 1 & 2 #23  Savannah Entin Los Angeles Ballet Academy
Levels 3 & 4 #34  Jana Teruel Los Angeles Ballet Academy
Level 1
1st Place #9  Gisele Wilson Texas Ballet Theater School
2nd Place #4  Mika Nakari Rachel’s Ballet
Level 1 Ensemble
1st Place Ensemble #1
Eleanor Bunje, Carly Clobes, Camille DeStefano, Leo Gragnani, Monica Gruhlke, Natalia Gyorkei, Haven Joran, Madalyn Kasif, Masha Kupershmidt, Cassandra Lynch, Michelle Mikhalevich, Charlie Ozdag, Emma Rusu, Rebecca Stoll, Sofia Strauser
Los Angeles Ballet Academy
2nd Place Ensemble #3
Eunice Lai, Mika Nakari, Maria Novak
Rachel’s Ballet
Level 2
1st Place #36  Avery Wood J & M Dance Center
2nd Place #30  Elisha Tan Rachel’s Ballet
Level 2 Ensemble
1st Place Ensemble #7
Jordan Vienna Chen, Charlotte Cheung, Cassidy Johnston, Clarice Lai, Ashley Li, Elisha Tan
Rachel’s Ballet
2nd Place Ensemble #4
Ashley Chen, Maya Cheng, Eileen Chi, Emi Kasaubuchi, Jolee Kuo, Samantha Leung
Ballet Kukan Academy
Level 3
1st Place  #2  Callie Kiefer Los Angeles Ballet Academy
2nd Place #12  Rosa McDonald NAU Dance Academy
Level 3 Ensemble
1st Place Ensemble #2
Megan Attarian, Melody Attefat, Helena Augsberger, Adeline Bunje, Savannah Entin, Ava Fox, Ava Genco-Kamin, Sophia Goretsky, Callie Kiefer, Jules Kramer, Malcolm McLaurin Takumi, Mia Narvades, Rania Paredes, Chloe Park, Shelby Rubin, Meriel Zeltzer
Los Angeles Ballet Academy
2nd Place Ensemble #1
Lilliana Roccaforte, Isaiah Zanone
NAU Dance Academy
Level 4
1st Place #39  Katie Chen Los Angeles Ballet Academy
2nd Place #35  Alexa Julian Carmel Academy of Performing Arts
Level 4 Ensemble
1st Place Ensemble #4
Rylee Kellar, Isaiah Zanone
NAU Dance Academy
2nd Place Ensemble #3
Emma Chen, Maya Malaby
Ballet Kukan Academy